So here's what I noticed about Ornn

I played Ornn for the first time. I played him in jungle even. I found that in the jungle he is pretty solid. His movement speed is slow, but his kit far more than makes up for it. His wave clear maxing W first was stupidly fast and he sustains a lot of damage. His ability to passively create items while in the jungle lets him clear/gank faster since he doesn't have to back as many times. I will say this, his W is a little over powered. No cap on minions/monsters and has 2 separate damage HP%. This allowed his jungling to go fast. His E is fair in my opinion but maybe the knock up lasts a little too long. His ultimate, totally and unfreakishly unfair lol. I only missed once and that was because I got chained to death. Even if you miss the original ult going toward you, it is very easy to hit the targets after you redirect him. If the initial slow hits, then they are stupidly easy to target. If anything I forsee them dropping the slow% from his Ram or lowering the distance he can cast it from. It is beyond broke.
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