I would like to start with saying "I welcome auto chess" and continue with "We need more game modes"

The game is getting bland to a lot of people, thousands of matches on one map. Many of us have our hearts set on different metas. Tanks, enchanters, catchers, and adcs want teamfight metas. Duelists and assassins want splitpush metas everyone wants something and summoner's rift can't offer it all anymore. Some dudes want to go 1v9, others want to make sick synergistic plays. and even others just want to dick around and have fun. We need more game modes to solve this, to keep the community together, and to allow outlets for player archetypes. Nexus blitz, Urf, and one for all were great for those who want to just have fun with it. Things like teambuilder allowed for one tricks to do their thing without hurting anyone, maybe bring that back in place of blind pick? or even in place of ranked flex? (Deny the enemy team the option of counterpicking but also deny yourself those options sounds more team oriented to me anyways, plus those guys who go in solo will just be the onetricks who know their champs so you'd get to run into some insane OTPs) Some dudes just want to fight, duel, and gank. Ascension, Project, and Bloodmoon offered that. Some folks want that sweet PvE content you guys cooked up, Star guardians, oddysee, even doom bots! c'mon riot, I get that you're going to put the focus into sum's rift, but can't we get some variety? after all these years people are getting bored and leaving. If you just let the western market crumble then all i can see happening is the eastern market eventually bailing in about another 5 or 6 years, and riot games being left with a bunch of marketers and no actual innovative developers anymore. A slow death that will come by optimizing and being inflexible or formulaic in a market that is everchanging. How many great dev studios will fall to this exact same issue? From Westwood when I was a kid to watching dozens of companys try to cash in and fail in the MMO market, to the microtransaction craze of today. Gamers float on eventually, genres get forgotten about entirely (What's the last RTS that went mainstream? and other than terraria have there been any sidescrollers that everyone played?) For all we know the next big genre to cash in on will be some abomination of minesweeper mixed with point and click puzzlesolving. And every company will be on it like Shitty zombie movies on netflix. Take some chances riot, for the love of god. Do something new and cool, or at least just give us access to the shit you did years ago when you seemed to have more inspiration, and less things shot down by the mid-level beaurocratic creep that seems to be plaguing every large dev company out there
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