Kha'zix needs more than just some piddly 20 point buff to his lvl 1 W heal.

Maybe fix the fact that there's literally no benefit whatsoever to evolving Q unless your target is dumb enough to be the 3 miles away from *anything* required for them to be isolated. Or, hell, maybe don't make the isolation range insane. Or maybe revert the "turrets cancel isolation" since they're inanimate stone statues, last anyone checked. Or maybe give his ultimate something worthwile since an ulting Vayne has Kha'zix's ult in a much better form in every way. I mean just saying. We all know what'll happen is you guys give him this tiny buff to something that isn't one of his major flaws, call him "fixed" because he'll be slightly shinier garbage now, and then never look at him again for years if at all. He deserves more than this, seeing as he was repeatedly nerfed more than just about any champion in the entire *history* of the game and all in like 1 season where spirit stone existed as an option. I appreciate you guys looking at him, I mean that, I really do. But this is kind of a slap to the face, because it indicates not only an apparent severe lack of understanding of the champion and it's players, but also a lack of interest in genuinely improving his situation, just saying "yeah, THAT must be why the assassin can't assassinate for shit! Cuz he obviously needs more sustain!". His first clear is rough, yes. But trying to actually perform the champion's job vs any team with *any* sense of positioning or warding is far worse, considering his success is *directly* tied to isolation and you guys made isolation utter crap. I'm not denying he could use the heal buff, I'm saying if this is the *only* buff you guys are shipping out to him, you literally picked the *least* crippling of the champion's inadequacies (many of which where ham-handedly forced onto him with the almost fanatical-looking waves of nerfs you gave him), rather than any of the changes that he *actually* needs. Source for those interested: Reiteration for those who can't read: The heal isn't a bad buff, it just fixes the *least* interesting, *least* frustrating, *least* restrictive part of a champion who was overnerfed and is now a sad husk of the character he's supposed to be. It's not a *bad* buff, it's just the *last one they should've prioritized, if they were only going to ship 1 buff*.

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