A champion should NEVER be made more clunky/less satisfying to play (Regarding Viktor's PBE changes)

The Mage Update is underway and beside the six major reworks we’re getting tweaks and changes for a lot of the other mages. Some are really interesting, thematically fulfilling and exciting like Annie’s Tibber frenzy. And then there’s Viktor. I get that Viktor does need some changes, seeing that he’s the lowest win rate Mid laner for some time now but these suggested changes do something a rework should NEVER do. Making a champion less satisfying and CLUNKY to play. Yes, the proposed changes Ricklessabandon pushed onto the PBE do little to amend the problems Viktor is currently having and completely destroys his most satisfying and most iconic ability, his Bond-Villain Death ray. I get that Riot doesn’t like how much damage Vik can lay out in such a short period of time but making him less satisfying and less smooth to play is definitely NOT the way to go. I might not play Viktor as much as Mordekaiser, and hell, I don’t play ANY champion as much as Morde, but there are certain champions that I find extremely enjoyable to play and our dear Machine Herald’s one of them. His entire kit has perfect synergy in itself and you feel great when you chain your spells, weave them and land those layers absolutely on point. Personally I think Viktor doesn’t need ANY functionality changes but rather some number shifts, something Ricklessabandon tried to do with the changes being shifting power to Viktor’s chaos storm AoE pulses rather than its impact damage. But instead of slapping a horrendous 2 second interval on his R and a full 1.25 second aftershock to his E he could have simply lowered his R’s impact damage and increase the persisting cloud’s damage/0.5 second. - An annoyed Metal enthusiast
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