Not Even As a Computer Science Graduate Can I Understand The Way The Remake System is Programmed

Yesterday: Our Draven bought items, went to the lane, and at the 50th second went DC, never came back. We could not remake. A 38 minutes long game that we eventually lost. No way to remake, no compensation for the unfair loss. Today: Our Teemo **did not even connect to the game**, not even for a second. No items, nothing. We could not remake. This time, only a 22 minutes long game. Again, no compensation, nothing. I can not understand how a company worth a few billion dollars that exists for over 10 years has NOTHING to deal with this basic problem that exists right from the very beginning. I would like to see the way the remake is programmed very much. Like, seriously, how can it not allow the players to remake even when there is a player that: * Has no farm; * No items; * Traversed 0 units; * Has 0 damage dealt; * Is unable to respond to ping messages **FOR THE WHOLE GAME**. Not only it does not allow to remake but gives no compensation whatsoever after the game. Excuse me, but I am damn sure a highschool student with a few years of experience in programming and an average IQ, would be able to code a better system. EDIT: > First blood against a player's team before they leave/dc will prevent a /remake vote. For completeness, this happened in neither of the games. That being said, this remake-preventing condition should be reconsidered anyway. EDIT 2: My duoQ premade just convinced me to go next one. This is what happened: Yeah, goodbye LPs.
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