Anybody else feel like top lane is going to turn into the Sanguine Blade rush lane?

I have a feeling its going to happen. For those of you that don't know its an item coming in the preseason. 3000g for: >Stats >+50 attack damage >+15% life steal >Passive >UNIQUE: +18 Lethality (11.2 − 18 (based on level) armor penetration) >UNIQUE – UNQUENCHED: While near one or fewer visible enemy champions gain 50% − 120% (based on level) bonus attack speed, decaying over 3 >seconds if other enemy champions get too close. Its 132.25% gold efficient at level 1, and 190.58% gold efficient at level 18, making it the single largest stat-stick in the game outside of the Mejai's item line. There's also very little risk to it, considering its still a 'fully functional' lethality item in teamfights, at 5-15% higher efficiency than the other items. One thing to note is that the Lethality was set to 10 with the lethality set bonuses being added, but on their removal, the 8 missing lethality was noted to have been added to the UNQUENCHED passive, rather than its base stats. I am unsure if this has changed officially yet. ______________ This also allows champions like Fiora to go for Titanic Hydra, rather than Ravenous Hydra. Expect champions that build Ravenous to end up a hell of a lot tankier and hurt a hell of a lot more at 3 items.

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