Ranked spread is too high

I remember ranking back in the day and you were matched with people who were in your division. Like gold 3 to gold 2 should be middle ground. Most people ranking are probably in this spot; Yet I'm in my promos for gold 2 and Matchmaking is finding players all the way in silver 3 and silver 2. When I was in silver, I was never given Gold 4 and gold 3 players, let alone Gold 2. So in short I don't see how you expect silver 2 players to find success vs'ing gold 2 players. You're actually as a matchmaking system asking people to carry low elo players. This affects all gameplay and experience. I'd rather get demoted and have games with people where Silver 2 people shouldn't have to deal with everyone's orders if they so choose to respond, when being told to by a gold 3 or gold 2.(this is best case)… Worst case they feel like crap because they don't know what to do and are wondering why they have to face this huge incline of skill when they aren't ready for it. I don't like to constantly bark orders at someone to hopefully win, when they haven't learned why these are there to begin with!
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