Talon Rework in the Assassins Update

Next Class Update - the Assassins
Hey all, Now that the Mages have somewhat settled (don’t worry we’re still monitoring them all), we felt this was a good time to give you a guys a sneak peek into what’s in store for the future.
**A Note: I know that talon is being reworked. This is about what might change and your thoughts if riot is making the right decision by reworking him.** Ok so as you all know there is a major assassins rework/update coming up. This is mainly about talon and what could change for him. I believe that talon's passive should be completely removed and change in to something unique. Although if his passive changes his Q (Noxian Diplomacy) will also change as well to fit the new mechanics better. This might be the only change for talon but he truly deserves it. So let's talk about Talon. Out of all assassins in the game Talon has historically been the one who's struggled the most with his job to assassinate his foes. Talon completely relies on getting ahead and once he falls behind, there is almost no use for him. The problem here is that talon is either fed and cannot be countered or he is too weak to make any impact on the team. **What Should Stay** Rake and Shadow Assault are about the only working spells on his kit, both thematically and gameplay wise, though the burst damage is slightly high. These spells are perfect for talon and should not change. His Cutthroat is a decent spell but once he goes in he has to kill or be killed unless there is a flash up. To fix this problem there might be slight changes to his Cutthroat mechanics. EDIT: I recently found out that the current E ability will be gone along with his passive 100%. **Summary** So in my opinion Talon should be reworked while keeping to himself. His Rake and Shadow Assault should stay while his Cutthroat should have slight changes. What really needs to be changed is Talon's Passive, Mercy, and his Q, Noxian Diplomacy to work with his new passive. Yes, Talon is a great champion but I think that these changes will truly benefit both Talon players and their opponents. Please leave your thoughts below in the comments and vote if YOU think Talon should be reworked. And yes it is a rework not a small update. Watch REDMERCY's video on YouTube for more info on the removal of cutthroat. Visit this page if you haven't already. It's more news for Talon by **Riot Stashu** : http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer- corner/EjFNREfn-assassin-roster-update-talon-direction?comment=0008 {{champion:91}} Mastery 7 Talon Main
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