Garen is bullshit, convince me otherwise

Give me legit reasons why Garen isn't bullshit. Here are the reasons why he is: Very strong damage early game (without items) No mana High sustain Nuke R that punishes you for building HP, but nukes you if you don't build it Can set you as the "villain" punishing you for doing well in the game His Q is easily landed due to the movement speed, has high damage and a silence Insanely good AoE armor shred Deals bonus damage in 1v1 fights (E damage) very safe pick in solo Q (I don't care that he is bad in Diamond+, that is 2% of the players) It is all of these things together that I think make him such a pain. Garen is supposed to be a slow monster, yet he has a 30% movement speed buff with a 8 second CD, and 340 movement speed... I would think he would at least have 330-335 movement speed, you know like actually slow champions.
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