We need an "Ivy"

I was playing some old games and its amazing how many League champions were inspired by classic games like Soul Calibur. I think its great that Riot takes inspiration from everywhere. {{champion:157}} - Mitsurugi (Both can deflect projectiles - Mitsurugi is seen doing this in the SC II Intro) {{champion:84}} - Taki {{champion:41}} - Cervantes (Both have a pistol and a sword) {{champion:114}} - Rapheal (Both French and Duelists) {{champion:14}} - Astaroth {{champion:62}} - Xiba (Soul Calibur 6) I would love to see Riot release a support champion that works like "Ivy" with a whip-sword which could entwine enemies like {{champion:412}}'s hook. Although {{champion:164}} does have Ivy's accent XD
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