Juggernaut Item For Mid-Late Game

Hi, like many other people, I think it would be great if there were some better juggernaut items that everyone else didn't use better most of the time (cleaver on MF, Riven, Lucian, Sterak's Gauge on irelia, jax, and other fighters, etc), and so I would like to share my thoughts on a concept for a jugger item that would serve mostly juggers and some tanks, without being truly abusable by many divers, skirmishers, and ranged champs. The concepts here could be applied to different items, so even if the item itself sounds broken or like a bad idea, please consider the merits of the ideas behind it. And yes I admit the influence darius's kit has on this idea, me being a dar main and all :P Here goes: Total War (Think general Grant in Civil War) - 25 ad 200 hp 15 armor +50% hp/5 Passive 1: Attrition - ad increases by 5 per stack up to 5 stacks (procc'd by any AA or damaging or cc'ing ability, but not by auras such as mundo W, sunfire cape, or Darius's passive). Also, reduces enemy damage by 2% per stack. When "Weight Training" is fully stacked, increase ad by 10 per stack instead, and increase damage reduction to enemies by 4%. Both kinds of stacks last 5 seconds. Passive 2: Rip Thorn/Serrated Edge/Jagged Edges ( I can't think of a good name) - All spells and autos deal an additional 5% damage over 5 secs and apply GW (reduced value to 20% and doesn't stack with other forms of GW). At fully stacked "Weight Training", bonus damage dealt over 5 seconds increased to 10%. Passive 3: Weight Training - Start off with MS reduced by 10 Every 15,000 units of distance (or more, completely arbitrary right now) or enemy champ killed strengthens/grows the champ by 5 AD, 5 MS, and 4% tenacity permanently up to 5 times. Passive: Heavy/Grounded - Champs that do not meet the scaling hp threshold throughout the game lose 20% AS, 15 MS, and have .25 seconds added onto all ability CDs (due to exhaustion). In addition, the item is melee only (or limited to a certain range, like urgot's auto range) and causes the user to lose 50% TOTAL AD for 3 seconds after any not summoner spell dash or blink greater than x units (to be based on illaois mini jump range as the threshold, thus preventing abuse from champs like yas, irelia, jax, riven, etc) The hp thresholds could be anything reasonable, but the idea would be as follows: Lvls: 0-5 no threshold 6-10 1,000 hp 11-15 2,200 hp 16-18 3,400 hp Cost: 3,800 gold Components: -pickaxe -ruby crystal -cloth armor The components are meant to be kind of bad (though they should be better than what I currently have, but am not certain what else to really add), and the item is meant to be super pricey as a sort of masterworks type item for juggernauts (there could be an ap version as well). Most champs wouldn't even be able to get it until late game, but it would offer almost everything a jugger would want, with delayed damage, some hp, lots of ad, and plentiful useful passive. Price and stats could be adjusted to make it balanced. But since so many early game champs don't have truly weak early games anymore, and juggers and certain tanks could use some better hybrid hp/damage items that don't get abused by other classes, I think something to this effect would be awesome to give scaling and better team fight utility to the class Anyways, let me know what you all think, if there is anything to be added or taken away, or, even if you don't like this specific iteration, if you like some of the concepts and the general direction
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