The teemo changes; he needs more love. What i would change & the problems.

Master Teemo Montage 02
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Teemo's a league classic. Hes the ''face'' of league. Hes seen as someone that is iconic to league. Being an annoying little yordle and throwing shrooms on the rift, teemo's map presence was unrivaled. Was. The latest patches are a change in the right direction; nerf teemo's ambient power but increase his visible power. However i think a lot of teemo mains did intentionally tap into this power. The shroom duration from 10 to 5 really did hurt. Teemo still has the insane lane presence, but he just feels not worth-while after these changes. The teemo detonation change (1s to 1.5s) made it so its nigh-impossible to detonate mushrooms onto your enemy in a skirmish, which was commonly used as a tactic to trade with your enemies by teemo mains. The ultimate throw mechanic is cool, but thats it, just cool. It just doesnt feel useful at al. Not as compensation for the nerfs - at least. The passive change is the same. I made a reddit comment on Ivan Pavlovs reddit thread, phreak argued that you could use this passive to zone enemies. I tried this and realistically its impossible. Your enemies just walk out of range every time - his auto attack range is just not really good enough to make use of the passive. Arguably - you could pull the creeps. However the way toplane bushes work you'd have to sit near the minions as teemo. As you'd imagine, you'd get destroyed in a fight by the minions and enemy toplaners. Rengar has the burst damage to compensate and the w armor increase. And beside all of that, if that wasnt enough, his passive actually got nerfed in the early stages. The attack speed was lowered. This makes teemo main use of his passive even weaker. The teemo ultimate bounce is cool, but seriously, i still havent figured out a way to make useful use of this. So now we got that out of the way, these changes are the ones i'd like to see. Blinding dart mana cost: 65/75/85/95/100 (from 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 MANA) **Explanation**: The mana cost lategame is ridiculous. I get that the spell is very powerful but is 110manacost really that needed? Nomicon is awful on teemo and shouldnt be built, nor grail. This would help immensely. I went easy on this change (only 10 mana shaved off) because of how high impact the skill is. Move Quick: Bonus movespeed from 10/14/18/22/26 to 7/10/14/19/23 (passively) Active now triples the movement speed instead of doubles. **Explanation**: The ability just feels super unsatisfying to use.. its just there giving you invisible power. I mean, its a useful ability, like fiora's old parry (passive ad). Its good, just not really satisfying to use. Toxic shot: Fine. Noxious trap: Range increased to 400/650/950 Now stores up to 4 mushrooms from 3. Mana cost standardized to 70/90/100 **Explanation** : Im just trying to be careful with the ultimate changes. It can be really frustrating to play against teemo's shrooms. However i think these changes are fine considering the previous nerfs and the Scuttle Crab in the river walking over shrooms. **ALTERNATIVE CHANGES** Up his AP ratios.. magic pen builds are the best damage route on teemo because his scalings are awful on his ultimate and E. Though i think buffing the ap ratios and doing the above would be too much. Choose one. Or just be riot (which are way better then me at balancing) _To close off the post_; these are just changes --I --would make. Im not a professional and riot is way better. Im just trying to get the message out that teemo needs help. I really would like a rioter to comment on the status of teemo; lately they have been keeping us up to date on their thoughts a lot which is super nice (Fiora, the juggernauts) Montage i had of the teemo pre-changes; i thought he was fine and a hidden gem. Thats all. Thanks for reading.
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