countered to everyone, coutners no one

i have been playing this game since 2009, most of that time was on Singed. But i dont know if i can keep going on. Lately it seems that any ranged, champ, any champ with cc or any champ with a movement enhancement can kite signed or just flat out counters him. most champs have a combination of these 3 or have all 3. Buit because he is so counter you woud think he would have an amazing late game. He would be in the same ranks as, nasus, vayne ext. but no, sadly his growth is still lacking. he is a late game champ with no late game. What champion does signed counter in top lane? Who does he get destroyed by? These two questions are all you really need to know that he help. I get it, singed is different, so he is scary, people dont know how to play against him, so they cry to riot to nerf him. Which they do.
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