Kled now counters champions that were meant to counter him

The main way you best Kled was by outlasting him in trades. Sustain, shielding, etc. And because of this he tended to lose to champions who could reliably heal back his damage, like juggernauts and Skirmishers. Well, now he just stomps every single one of them into the dirt except for Fiora because he completely eradicates sustaining him out as an option. This was honestly the worst choice of buff you could give Kled. I'm not going to say he didn't need SOMETHING, because he did need a buff, but THIS buff that completely 180s so many matchups in top lane now that you've made fighters rely so much on sustain for survival? No. That's just foolishness. He doesn't even lose to champions with defenses other than healing; he shits on every tank or fighter who uses shields too.
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