Caitlyn went from a troll pick to “she needs nerf” without a single buff

With the only buff she got being Twitch and Tristana nerfs. I’ve just seen a “are adcs really so op” post on the frontpage and I decided to answer with this thread, no hate towards Caitlyn because I don’t really mind her being strong over stuff like Tristana. Short answer: yes, as long as crit itemization is grossly underpriced AD carries will be strong. Both Caitlyn and Ezreal are back to 22%+ playrate despite getting zero direct buffs. This should also make Riot think about how botlane is balanced. Nerf an adc = another one rises to crowd out diversity in the botlane, and then nerf again, meta shifts again, in an endless cycle. The fact that ADCs are balanced in relation to each other could be an advantage though: instead of buffing the weak ones, why can’t you nerf the broken ones? It’s a win/win situation: lower the overall damage in the game and make botlane healthier, two things the community has been asking for forever.
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