Riot needs to stop ignoring Shaco and addressing only him via the nerf bat

Hello all (yes, even those Shaco haters), I want to talk about Shaco, and more importantly the upcoming nerfs on PBE. Yes, yes, they're on PBE so not officially live, but if you've played this game more than a couple days you know that iterations of PBE show a direction Riot feels they need to move in, and while the numbers may not be final, they are likely close to the desired outcome. To start, I'm going to go back to pre-rework: Design: You had an assassin, with early stealth capability and a decently strong early game at the cost of a poor mid game with a good late game. AD was for jungle, AP was for lane. _Abilities:_ **Passive:** Did 20% increased damage to champions that had their back turned to Shaco **Q:** Stealth had 3.5 sec duration, high mana cost, and next auto gave crit with bonus damage, and you could only cough while in stealth without revealing yourself **W: **Had next to no health, did full damage to turrets **E:** Had base damage, the lowest slow in the game **R:** Changes discussed below _Rework Shaco: _ **Passive:** Crits from behind in a god awful clunky algorithm that literally says if the attack was going to crit based on your crit chance it goes on CD anyways **Q:** Duration gutted to scale by level(1.5 / 2.25 / 3 / 3.75 / 4.5), gave it an AP ratio, extended the cooldown, but gave most back when he autos with it, and he can do more than cough during Q without being revealed. [FUN FACT: Champions have a vision range of 1200 units, Shaco can travel a maximum of 975/1237/1500/1762/2025 based on base ms, It used to be 1675 at all ranks] **W:** Gave them health so they don't die when a support looks at them, gave them duration based on AP. Halved their damage to turrets, and made turrets one shot them(they did this anyways but ok) Oh yeah, and you can't stack them, and good lord is its interaction terrible. **E:** Removed the base damage.(1- see below) Increased early slow back to old E levels a few seasons ago. Removed its debuff to monsters. Changed scaling to ignore base AD, and slightly reduced AP scaling(100 to 90) **R:** Nerfed Clone's damage to turrets, but can attack things like plants, wards, etc[THANK FUCKING GOD]. Gave him mini Ws when it dies. _PBE Shaco Changes(As of Dec 9th):_ **Q: **50% ap bonus to 40% **E:** Ap ratio from 90% to 75%(God dam, this ability does NOTHING until they're low) **R:** A third of its base explosion damage removed Problem: You took AD Shaco and gutted him in the rework. You gave him AP ratios and scalings which helped, but in turn you nerfed the AD side of him. It's not at all surprising that Shaco players like myself went AP because even several seasons ago, most of his actual damage was AP and not AD. All you did was polarize him by forcing players to go AP instead of AD. The changes with his Passive and Q deleted AD shaco from the game. Now you're taking away the damage from AP, without adding back in the AD. Stop punishing Shaco for getting ahead, he always has been a champion completely based on how he's doing in comparison to the enemy team. He has no steroids, a playstyle that is almost completely dependent on either the enemy team or your own being aware, and if he falls behind, is still terrible at clearing the jungle(2 - see below). (1)Don't give me shit about that it does do damage, in comparison to old E, his new E doesn't do a thing against targets (2)Literally any other jungle (and even quite a few lane) champions in the game can just afk farm the jungle at a better rate and better sustain than Shaco At some point you need to speak out about Shaco, and what you're going to do with him. Stop ignoring literally every thread that is explicitly addressing the concerns around him. Doing this olaf'd shit has to go. Edit: formatting
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