Ashe changes are just.....A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Just a short story : A long time ago ( s3 I think ) , I was a adc main. Back into the time where we didn't have Lucian, Jinx, Kalista, etc... When tristana early game was bad. When vayne was a total monster late, but weak as fuck early. A time where graves wasn't picked every single game.... Days when MF and Varus were viable.... Days I will never forget. But I stopped being an adc main when my beloved ones started being....reallly bad. But this ashe changes? Are AMAZING. Her new passive is what critical strike should be to everyone. She also FINALLY has a steroid. And you know what is the best part? She has 0 mobility. Her most defining weakness ( On jinx is not a weakness because she has 700 range, much more damage, and better steroids ). Thank you riot. Hope soon, you will do something for Varus, Twitch, Miss Fortune.
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