Current PBE version of Liandries with madness changes is really big nerf to core users

This is my first post on the boards so feel free to delete this or move this if its in the wrong spot. I don't mind how the damage stacks on ROA and Liandries it's fine what I'm talking about is the changes to the Madness passive. Where instead of getting flat damage increase they are giving you flat ap per stack of madness. What I don't understand is Liandries has almost always been designed for champs with Low amounts of AP and generally have subpar AP scaling so it seems like a huge nerf for most of the users of the item in general. Most users of laundries have been relegated to the support role or off tank, as it is and they mostly have higher base damage and poor scalings. Plenty of high ap items already exist for champs and they are pretty bad at stacking it in most cases, so it gives them no incentive to build it. They nerfed magic pen off the item already (which is fine we all know it was getting abused by users with good ap scalings to one shot people) but it really hurt users that had poor AP scalings and this just seems like another nerf for users with Poor AP ratios. Also, you don't even bother to address Zyra in any of your notes about Liandries and she has been the most OG and core users of it for years. Plants don't get updated when you get more ap (or less) , so the new madness passive is huge for not only the fact she has poor ap ratios her plants don't get updated makes the madness passive significantly worse on her, the same thing could be said for brand as well. He loses damage from his flat % hp passive because madness will just give flat ap rather than more damage. Please reconsider giving the item flat AP it just a nerf to users of the item and it will not provide almost any new incentive among non-users that were not building it before.
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