What is Riot's answer to the declining league community?

Many people are leaving league, especially us old league players. I started playing in Season 2 and I continued to play league for fun late into Season 5(I still play league it's just not fun anymore). I got Plat after climbing from Bronze in 2 Seasons of ranked. What made me, and many other league players, grind ranked? As an ADC (Vayne) main nothing felt better than outplaying bot lane. Nothing felt better than being the "underdog". Where you would be a little bitch and farm up knowing as an ADC your late game is strong and if your mechanics are good you will get some flashy plays. This is similar for other roles also, people love to play the game because you can easily carry your team or at least take some weight off if your mechanically good, it's more of a solo game. Riot decided to change that, they decided that Macro(Game Sense) > Micro(Mechanics). This seems amazing for the eSport scene where teams need to show they are more coordinated as a team rather than show the mechanics of each player. However it is not all that good in Solo Queue, where people play the game to have some flashy plays here and there. It's not all about get your first 2 items and group mid, that just shows your strong as a team. For this you need to have trust in your Solo Queue team, something I will never have. I always have the mentality that whether we win or lose this game it's all on me and my micro plays. What Riot needs to realize is that the viewers of the eSport scene need to enjoy playing the game itself not just watching the professional games. I can easily change that Micro play mentality and transition to the new meta. I have been doing that for the past 3 years, but now I don't find it worthwhile. If i have to change the reason i enjoyed the game, why should I play the game? I can also as easily just move on to a new game.
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