@ChampionDesignTeam I love scythes and transformation champions but...

...I don't like Kayn, and it upsets me. When I heard Riot was releasing a scythe champion that could transform I honestly almost creamed by pants. It was a dream come true. But after only watching the abilities was I left unsatisfied and upset. Kayn doesn't fit the archetype I built in my mind over all my years of playing league. -------------------------------- When I think of a scythe-wielding reaper I think slow, calculated attacks with devastating damage. I think toying with death - not by quickly avoiding damage with a dash, but by moving only the absolute minimum amount, shifting in place, dematerialising and becoming corporeal again just after the final executing swing of my opponent glides past my intangible throat. I use the scent of my own death to make me stronger, to come back with a more powerful combination of attacks, winning the battle by a slither. But this isn't an unexpected outcome, it is a calculated move and each battle is the same. I am confident I will win, but my play with death isn't arrogant like the other champions. I am a stoic, my level of confidence and certainty brings me sadness. I wander the rift like a lost soul, searching for human emotion and sensation but am unable to find or feel it. I kills others not as a ruthless, heartless enemy, but as a friend, because I want to bring others what I can not bring myself, enduring, ever-lasting peace. I kill humanely, searching for battle because my own pain and suffering is the only thing that makes me feel alive and human. I brings others death because I knows I can not die, and I believe this is the greatest punishment of all. ------------------------------- **1- Kayns weapon looks absurdly light, he just flings that thing around like its a stick. ** * Rhaast wants a damn SCYTHE, not a scythe. I should feel it drag along the floor. I should hear the sparks fly. I should feel the force of the swing, I should hear the thing slam against people and break their bones. I should be terrified of this weapon, playing both as and against it. I should sense my impending doom. This is a reaper of souls, A WEAPON OF WAR not a lawnmower. * Kayns scythe should still feel like a monster truck, but he moves it with precision and accuracy. I still want to hear the whoosh of the swing, but the cuts are brutal and clean, slicing flesh like knife to melted butter. Zasalamel's weapon and style from SC4 is a decent example. **2- I don't want spammable abilities on a 4 second cooldown. ** * I want to do DAMAGE. When I cleave I'm not trying to catch flies. I have one target. They WILL die. Think large, delayed attacks not spammy circular dash. * I want to play a calculated fight, an Olaf lifesteal/attackspeed type of fight, or Irelia stun type of fight. Reaping Slash deals 200% damage and heals for X of your hp IF YOU ARE BELOW (eg) 20% HP (12 second cooldown). Kills or assists reset this cooldown. This is a 2 second concept draft but think of the patience that you would need to pull this type of thing off consistently and the adrenaline type gameplay this would create in teamfights. * I don't want to run through walls. I'm a reaper of souls! Why am I running through walls? When I reap, I'm not chasing after people like those two trifling bounty hunters (kindred, such fools). I know they will die, I need to simply walk their way. They will not survive. **3- I should feel like a master, not a slave, of death** * I want to play with my hp. Give me spellvamp/lifesteal and health costs on spells (this can be in addition to mana costs). Perhaps an interesting mechanic could be that when I 'die' I am given the opportunity to fight back death by doing a certain amount of damage within a certain period of time. Fighting against a meter or a timer that wears away like Sion's passive. If I beat the meter I am able to live. If I don't, let my soul roam the rift, like an untargetable wisp that provides vision and slowly follows my killer, or roams aimlessly till I respawn at the fountain. Again these are just wild examples, but ultimately, I shouldn't feel like a ever really die like the other champions do. * Give me an ability that is used to dodge heavy damaging spells that would otherwise execute me so that I can survive in my danger zone (that place below x health where I do bonus damage). But don't make it irritating like fizz's e or yasuos windwall. Instead, for example, I become untargetable for .5 but I have to stand still when I cast it. Think Fiora's W or Nomad's ult (from HON) without the counterattack. Or even just give me a spell-shield, you get the idea. * I want my reaper to have calculated battles. I should have to evaluate my fight plan before the fight begins. Imagine if Lux was rewarded for landing her snare AFTER the ult hits, not the other way around. I don't want to throw out snares all day waiting till I connect to burst someone down. I'm a confident killer. **High risk- high reward**. My fights should be close, and come down to precise, well-planned attacks. If I mess up or time something wrong or miss a crucial component of my kit, I should lose the fight. If I play the opponent into my hands, I should be rewarded. I should feel good when I play my champion perfectly, and my opponent should feel "wp" not "op champ" when I do. ------ I'm certain many people adore Kayn's design, but unfortunately for me, I feel the mark was missed. I would love to hear what you all think about about Kayn now that we are more familiar with him.
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