Does league removed Depress from people or Do people have a Ill and just play this game constantly?

This guy has been playing League Everyday for 13-15Hours Per day and I wonder do people actually get bored of this or just play for a reason? But I looked into this guy his NA name is like "SkLnHead" but People noticed that he would act weird wit others so He transferred but I'm confused Cause He has nothing better to do and theirs so many questions to this guy Hes unknown but I'm starting to feel bad for people like this guy If he lives off Welfare and Does nothing but play league and repeats his life over This is why I want to leave games for good and just live life to the fullest out in the world and do whatever I want besides being in a dark room smoking/drinking and playing games all day that's pretty much being depressed If you look up his OPGG hes always playing constantly yall can check this over and over and he/she is going to keep playing He has the most highest ratio of playing this game almost 1k Singed games and hundreds of other games Also theirs this video of him getting exposed If i was any of yall I would check this out Kinda weird but worth watching
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