Dont. Buff. Pyke.

Please, do not fucking buff pyke in any way. He doesnt need it, if anything he needs to be toned-down. He's way too safe for a assassin extreamly high reward with pretty much no risk since he has a instant invis + movement speed a stun-dash with a fucked hitbox, instant health regen, so you cant even poke him down in lane or ever chase him. His hook flings you behind him AND slows....? for some fucking reason, this is 100% unneeded, just let him hook towards, as if his dash was hard to hit? and fianlly the most fucked up aility, the free execute with a even more fucked up hitbox, even less risk and soon EVEN MORE reward, honestly why does pyke get a free execute without needed to do any work before, if you're under 50% hp in lane you're just fucking dead. Nothing you can do.
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