Its harder to display a legitimate outplay these days

*Gets a triple kill toplane 3v1 as illaoi* "Omg braindead" *manages to get 2 kills in a 3v1 as Darius before dying* "God thats broken" *kites as ashe* "That permaslow is so fking stupid" * Manages to bushweave as rengar as toplane rengar, then turns a gank around for a double kill* "Like wtf is that bs" *Lands a 3 man stun as irelia, then kills all 3 of them, while surviving with 4 hp* "Overloaded omg" *Thresh internally screaming as he manages to somehow peel off 3 assassins off the very aggressive ally kogmaw* "Fk thresh" ...ok, the last one is just said because I feel for any supports who have to deal with that mental stress, but honestly, how do you outplay anymore? Remember when gosu being able to 1v5 as vayne was an actual display of skill? Remember when jax being able to 2v1 was actually one of the most extremely difficult things to do? Remember when the rengar 1 shot combo was actually really difficult to execute? Now, because damage is so high, genuine outplays arent seen as outplays: because anyone can do them. Its getting harder to express skill level, aside from minor scuffles, but even then, your skill is rarely matched with your kda. I could be the best Malphite in the world, with excellent zoning and peel, but I could still go 0/11/19 because my team needs a meatshield.

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