Katarina Nerfs - 2 long years.

Honestly, I've been sick of this for the longest time now, not only me, but I see a lot of negative posts on the KatarinaMains subreddit.. And so I decided to ask Riot for something. I gave up on a Katarina revert, because I like the rework, although now I don't since she's become so weak, she hasn't been buffed for the past 2 years, we somehow adapted to the E nerf, that made her early game much harder, but then came dagger nerfs, rune nerfs on PBE today and the things that made all of us love Katarina are now gone, she isn't that fast 100 to 0 champion anymore, so I'm begging Riot for a buff on E, or just something to not make her as bad as she is now. Have a nice day! - 64bit

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