Pyke's changes are thoughtless

Solo lane pyke was gutted by removing his wave clear entirely, making his Q stab the nearest target and E cannot stun nor damage minion. I understand the need to nerf him, but the changes seem like a "throw against the wall and see what stick". Look at the entire league roster - no one has a damage ability that does not also damage minion. So why can't he stun and damage minion with his E? If wave clear is what make him viable solo lane, then make it so that his Q and E deal reduced damage to them. LeBlanc has terrible waveclear but great assassination, so why can't we copy that? The upcoming changes are even more ludicrous. Now his ult grants him 300G from execution AND get a stack of 'your cut' (not including the ally's)? Suppose he can reset it, he would be getting 600G per kill x 5 = 3000G. Then the scaling is buffed so it scales with 250% of bonus AD? Why is the power budget being directly toward the ult? It makes absolutely 0 sense to me and sure as hell does not explain why his wave clear is gutted. I'm assuming that riot really want to force that support assassin onto pyke so he can "support" his team and kill. Side track a bit, Tahm Kench was a champion that designed to be a viable top laner and support. In nowhere does it says he can ONLY be played support. Similarly, Pyke is not a support that can assassinate, but an assassin that can support. The incentive to force a champ into a particular role is a bad mentality and riot needs to realize that.
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