Apdo talks about the support problem in the game

https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/89x8s1/apdodopa_youtube_qa_translation/ Yes i linked a reddit thread, but i feel like this is important. Like he pretty much summed what has been the problem with bot lane this year, supports being buffed and buffed into broken levels. "but we have to make supports broken or else nobody plays them!!!" Can we not ruin the game for everyone else thats not part of bot lane because you want supports to feel "special", like please? What about solo laners? Do they deserve to be useless and have no carry potential because supports need to be made broken? The worst feeling in the entire game is go 6-0 as a top laner, smash your lane as a carry champion, but then their 0-0-1 support completes 2 items as you get 1 and now you cannot get near their squishies or team without dying while cclocked or exhausted, and even if you get into them redemption/locket + their kits so they dont take damage, its beyond retarded, it takes away the reward from winning 1v1 and takes away solo carry potential. Why do items like locket and redemption, who scale ridiculously hard in team fights and are very strong cost about 2k gold? Like one of the cheapest complete items on a class that gets free gold by existing, just why?? Get a clue riot, this is probably the best solo q player in the world, when he says that supports needs significant nerfs maybe you should LISTEN TO HIM and DO SOMETHING (btw everyone in high elo pretty much agrees with this, even support mains).
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