PLEASE take mages out of botlane.

Get rid of the game-breaking cancer that is Assassins so mages can go back mid, I am _tired_ of wanting to enejoy a game as an ADC and having to deal with either Zyra or Brand - I honestly don't know which of the two is goddamned worse. Zyra, who has so much damage on one root which is really wide-ranged as it is and has practically no mana costs because of her plants, or Brand, who is just an aggravating presence. Fix this game. Start with the small things, locate the root of the problems. The biggest complaint at the moment is damage, the roles that exploit the damage spike the most are Assassins. I don't want to win my lane so the 0/3 Zed can come bot and still murder me while missing all of his abilities because {{item:3147}} - which, now that I mention it, why the hell does this thing impact control wards? I don't want to waste 75G on a ward to protect myself from the jungler if assassin #145 can just 1shot it and insta-gain 30 gold while I can't punish him for it.
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