Everyone Has a Dash - EKKO Issues with W

Ekko just seems worse and worse to me each patch. It seems like there's more shielding and healing than ever and there are also more mobile fighters running the game, like Irelia. It's bad enough to have something like Darius top lane but when getting the fighter champions mid lane, it's even tougher for Ekko. He is good vs low mobility squishies and not vs sustained damage somewhat tanky and mobile champions. Apart from not being able to assassinate them, he also has the problem that he can't setup good Ws. The whole roster now zooms around with Celerity and has a dash on top of it... it seems. How to predict W 3 seconds in advance? Even from fog of war, they just dash away. He feels kind of useless except for waveclear and his laning is weak too. His mid game is fine but his damage actually feels really lacking late game unless you get the absolute perfect setup. Even then, you have no sustained DPS while something like Irelia can one shot late game just as fast as you AND have sustained DPS on top of it. It just feels like Ekko has only 10 minutes to shine after he gets Protobelt-Lich and then falls off a cliff vs a lot of what's meta. He also can't build bruiser like Yasuo or Irelia who are REAL carries. Ekko is supposed to be a carry too but fails at it. He needs more tankiness or more damage even if it's gated to late game. Right now mid, it's either a utility/team oriented champ like Morgana or TF or a true carry like Irelia and Yasuo. I fail vs both kinds. TF I can at least punish for roaming and laning is fine but I hate the idea that I become virtually useless late game just by virtue of my pick vs theirs. Conqueror Yasuo can block half my damage, gets tankier than me (Sterak's-PD-Mercs) even if I consider my W and R and has ridiculous DPS as well as teamfighting. And Yasuo is not even OP! That's how bad Ekko seems to me right now. Why pick him? If you really want to pick an assassin, literally all other assassins are better for the first 20 minutes at least. Zed, Fizz, Talon, Zoe (jk but almost.. hate her so much... why does she exist?) so what do you have as Ekko? You don't have early, you don't have late and mid game you are not really better than a Fizz, Talon etc. either unless the enemy team plays badly and you get a magical W for your team. Even then, great W fine, you can do that but you could have played Morgana and flash Q-Rd or whatever to basically do the same thing. So many champions have great teamfight combos so what's special about Ekko there? Sure, other assassins can't do it but there are plenty of other champs who can and Ekko fails as an assassin and as a skirmisher compared to Irelia. JG especially, ever since the scuttler changes has been really rough. Can't really play vs Graves, Xin, Udyr etc. Graves outfarms me massively due to his speed and can invade me easily. Then again, even an Eve can duel me so that's not a shocker. The problem is Graves comes with Red and has range as well as a dash. I can't run a lot of the time. Udyr is a similar issue. He powerfarms and even after I EQ sometimes he can catch me and stun. Xin just stomps my lanes so hard before I can even get Runic and if he doesn't do that, he tends to stomp me. A good one is really hard to manage. It's not even just these champions. Nearly everything considered meta from Shaco to Shyvana seems to destroy him either by powerfarming 2x faster or being incredibly stronger early and taking over the game before you can do anything. There was a time when Ekko jungle was useful and had something to contribute. Even his dashing over walls was special. Now it's just so common place and many of the picks with it can even outscale (Graves, Camille for instance). The whole concept of Ekko is prediction, setup, sneakiness. All useless if you're facing such a mobile roster with everything from Celerity, Waterwalking, to Phase Rush, to Fleet Footwork, and so on along with a million other low CD dashes for the majority of the meta roster. What is there to predict if they all just dash away like it's nothing? I have sympathy for Fiddlesticks players.
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