A Peace Treaty in the Top Lane

On another account, I decided to play Aftershock Malphite Top because they picked Zed mid. The enemy toplaner chose Gangplank with Klepto. This was a ranked Silver 1/Gold 4 game I put in chat "Hey GP" "Want to make a peace deal?" And he agreed that we would not attack eachother all lane. We proxied eachothers waves beyond eachother in lane and spam cancelled auto's against eachother. He auto'd me once. "Ur pushing ur luck buddy >:(" I avoided his junglers ganks but my jungler got a gank off on him. I was there. I stood still as they fought it out. The contract was signed, and could not be broken. He lucked out and killed my jungler with 50hp left. I couldn't troll, so I pressed Q on GP and went to farming He was mad. After we got back to lane I fought him under his tower and didn't win. With the debt of 300 gold repaid, we went back to farming The whole time I stacked armour and late game I was unkillable. Master Yi, Zed, Gangplank and MF tried in vain to kill me one fight. Twitch got a pentakill. The next fight he got a quadrakill and we ended the game. GP got next to no Klepto gold, but probably thought he would out scale me. He was wrong in this case. So never forget, if a matchup is hard, ask for peace, gamble your ability to be more useful late game, because the enemy toplaner just might accept My build in the end was: {{item:1054}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3109}} {{item:2053}} {{item:2055}}
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