Yasuo rework idea

So yasuo is being mulled over right now for a mini rework so here is my take on what they will do and it's going to be all about his windshield. Additions: - Add about 100 for windshield hp - generates windshield quickly when dashing through minions - Shield decay after 4 seconds of not dashing - increase delay on dashing through minions Removals: - no longer generates a shield by walking - lose Base damage or AP ratio damage on dash to make Q and W more appealing as a lvl 1 pick with the new E changes REASONS: Yasuo is rock solid and the only way to beat him is to hope that the Yasuo messes up. What these changes will do is make him strong when around many minions but even weaker left alone. We can't deny the fact that a champion that is strong when enemy minions are still around is UNIQUE so I thought if the changes were to emphasize this aspect of Yasuo he would need to lose his shield when not dashing. TL:DR Has a bigger windshield but it only powers up through dashing and decays when Yasuo hasn't dashed for awhile.
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