@meddler When is riot going to start talking about the Poppy update

Aside from the brief, generalized explanation of her getting updated in that update thread and one of the devs saying on reddit that she's going to be a tank, riot really hasn't gone much into what's happening to the dwarfy yordle. For instance can we talk about any of these things: 1. What's going on with her passive? It seems like if she's going to be a tank, she'll need to keep it. 2. Her Q? This is a good anti-tank skill as well as her primary damage. I'd hate to lose her TF-gunblade build. 3. What's going on her with her W and E? 4. We know she's losing her R, but that's going to be replaced with? 5. Currently Poppy builds a lot of assassin items (people like that more on her) with one or two tank items. Her gameplay feels like half-jax, half-Vi, neither of which are full tanks (Vi builds warriors and TF in most games, if she goes cinderhulk she'd probably replace warrior for a cleaver). If anything, she feels like a dwarven fighter or beserker, someone who is a good mix of tank and damage. Also she lacks a lot of reliable CC that a proper tank needs in LOL and to be honest that doesn't really fit her outside of the skill shot stun on her E. Right now, Poppy is a lategame champ who mostly ults, charges in, and beats people to a pulp with her hammer while probably chasing down and deleting the carry if necessary. That's not really a tank. So how can you guys justify making her a full tank and what is her core gameplay going to turn into?
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