Top tank Sunfire replacement that juggernauts couldn't abuse

Here's my suggestion (again, with more explanation) Breastplate of Valoran: Can only be purchased on melee champions Cost- 2900g Components: {{item:3067}} (800g) {{item:3010}} (1100g) {{item:1028}} (400g) Combine Cost: 600 Stats 300 HP (600 total, with the Giant Strength passive -- for comparison, Sunfire has 680 total effective health against physical damage. Just so you don't look at 600 and think it's too much without realizing I'm suggesting an item without armor/mr) 350 Mana 10% CDR (20% including Haste) Unique Passive- GIANT STRENGTH: +300 HP (making it a named passive so that it can't be stacked with Sterak's AD) Unique Passive: HASTE: 10% CDR (again, to avoid stacking with mage items) Unique passive: Inflicting a minion below 350 − 860 (based on level) HP with hard CC executes it, granting you the gold. (the HP matches that of Eye of the Aspect, but no healing and no sharing) 600 HP, 350 mana, and 20% CDR would total 2626g in stats, making the item 91% gold efficient not including the minion passive. The minion passive doesn't necessarily need to stay, but I think it would be a good trade-off to sacrifice your hard CC for minion gold. If you don't do it properly, then you might die immediately afterwards to a well-timed all in from the opponent. But doing it properly only rewards you with staying on par with them for gold, because you'd still have to wait out the cooldown of your hard CC to try to engage on them. ##Side note: For anyone who doesn't know, here's a reminder breakdown of how unique passives function: * Unnamed unique passives don't stack with the same item, but will stack with other items even if they're the same effect. (For example, {{item:3133}} and {{item:3108}} will grant 20% CDR together, but {{item:3133}} {{item:3133}} or {{item:3108}} {{item:3108}} will only grant 10%. * Named unique passives won't stack with other items, regardless of the effect. Neither CLEAVE nor CRESCENT will stack with {{item:3074}} {{item:3748}} * Spellblade and Energized items are a strange case. The actual effects named SPELLBLADE and ENERGIZED will not stack-- which is why you don't get extra _damage_ from stacking {{item:3078}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3100}} or {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3095}}. The unnamed parts of the effects, however, will stack. Because they are not part of SPELLBLADE and ENERGIZED. That's why you can still have the ICY effect from {{item:3025}} with the damage from {{item:3078}}, and why can have the lightning from {{item:3087}} along with the range and quicker stacking from {{item:3094}} and slow from {{item:3095}} . Hence, I included GIANT STRENGTH and HASTE so that some of its stats can't be stacked with damage items. Making it _less_ gold efficient than Sunfire if you attempt to do so. **** This would alleviate-- if not solve completely-- the issue tanks now face with a lot of their opponents being able to do so many different types of damage. Back when the tank update nerfed the HP+Def items, there wasn't nearly as much true and hybrid damage. That changed with runes and Kai'sa.
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