Im still wondering right do you guys not think yasuos crit chance is a bit too high?

I understand many people play him you already give him a wind wall that virtually and quite frankly doesn't make sense. I don't know in what planet wind can block light or a bullet or a rocket and you make it so that he can block 80 percent of all abilities in the game his q gives him crit as a passive type thing and you make his build str88 crit. I don't know about you but that's too much more than an actual adc. I know you guys have pro players that play to champ but it never once occurred to you that this champion is too strong? he even has a winsheild that has basically no cooldown and not to mention he is super mobile. Its kind of sad they way you guys will do every other champion or fail to recognize certain flaws in champions. I don't know about you but people have been complaining about this champion for over 4 years and more so than any other Champion. I guess none of you care what the community has to say. The Yasuo main know that this champion is unfair to play against that's why they play it. You need to do something and stop focing players to grab at an assin playstyle you made such a wide variety of champions yet the kits you give are so that certain champions will forever remain on top. this should not be a play should be able to explore and favourite a playstyle that can be countered and can counter other. how many times have players lost to a master yi zed yasuo and complain about the same thing that im complaining about? zed isn't even that bad you can actually fight zed idont knoiw on what earth you think a yi and yasuo are fair champions. Yi and yasuo mains you know you only play the champs just to bully with their uncounterable kits and not for the love of the champions and competitive play so save your breath
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