This board would be so much nicer if people learned to detach personal feelings from their arguments

Every now and then I skim through the gameplay boards to see what people are currently dissatisfied with. And every thread seems to be the same, with you literally being able to taste the salt and hear the angry tone the thread was written in. The comments around here aren't much better either, with people resorting to anecdotal evidence, calling people out and overall being just nasty to each other. These boards should be about discussing gameplay, and frankly discontent SHOULD be a part of it since most of these threads do have very valid points. But the overall tone of it is just so overwhelmingly *insert buzzword here* that reading them just isn't pleasant and it doesn't really help provide a professional atmosphere that promotes actual discussion rather than the same salt-fuelled arguments. Tl;DR People should learn to argue without taking everything so bloody personal //rant
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