With the vanguard update coming soon, could tanks have a way to deal with displacement?

Knockups / knockbacks are very common at this point (58 champions have either one of them) but despite their frequency they remain one of the few CC effects to not be reduced by **tenacity** (disclaimer: I know you can do things like cleanse when airborne and then use a movement spell to get out but that's often times not an option for tanks). It is probably too late for suggestions, but here's one nonetheless. Vanguards (and oftentimes, juggernauts as well) find themselves thrown out of an entire teamfight because of a stray knock back. And while good peeling should be rewarded, when it comes to initiators nothing comes as close to removing them from a fight than a single knock back spell. **Without further ado, I suggest an item that reduces the effectiveness of airborne effects. Here's an idea:** ---- #Titan's Anchor http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-PmxsvAkiIBo/VqFlJT4ymUI/AAAAAAAA3LY/JGPPCdU2u4Q/s1600/profileIcon1103.png *Build path:* {{item:3105}} + {{item:1011}} + 800 gold (2900 gold total) *Stats:* + 600 health + 30 armor + 30 magic resistance + UNIQUE Active: Places an anchor at a nearby location (550 range, 400 radius around the anchor). **While in its radius, knock back effects have X% reduced effectiveness and knock up duration is halved, but the user is slowed by X%.** The anchor lasts up to 6 seconds but can be cancelled by leaving its radius after entering it, including through displacements (75 second cooldown, reduced by 10% for each second spent inside the radius). *Clarifications:* * If it sounds confusing, think of the casting method like how Azir summons his soldiers. * It is possible for someone to cast the anchor at maximum range without being placed within it, that is intented in case you make up your mind. * However, if you remain inside the anchor radius for its full duration, the cooldown is already reduced to 30 seconds. * If the user of the anchor leaves its radius through enemy displacement, the knock back will still continue outside of it with halved effectiveness. * For comparison, the anchor's radius is identical to Poppy's W. * Talking about Poppy, I'm unsure about the interaction with her ultimate. Even if it worked, it would probably still be a very large distance anyway. --- **TL;DR** a way for initiators or juggernauts to remain in a fight at the cost of less freedom of movement once already in the middle of the fray (ideally this would compete or synergize with {{item:3742}} , which is generally used to engage with its high movement speed but falls off as the enemies lock you down).
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