No one is playing top.

The reasons why no one is playing top is because no one wants to play tanks. Tanks are the worse feeling things in the world. They don't do anything top other than just stall out until team fights. Where they just get to be hyper overpowered compared to everyone else up top lane. A team without a tank is will majority of the time. Either give us comms so that everyone can talk to each other and set up things in order to screw a team with a tank over or nerf tanks. They are way too strong. I haven't seen a irelia or trundle do anything up top in a long time. I haven't seen a Fiora or Riven do well either. Because its pointless picking them. They don't win lane because tanks come with % damage reduction or just build ninja tabi. Are ridiculous to deal with in teamfights. Where is the counterplay to tanks? Beat them in lane? YOU SEE IT IN THE PRO SCENE. We've seen games where Mao Kai is down 40 CS and still does more for his team than the person who was shitting on him in lane. So you're thoughts were to make them stronger and see what happens? What happens is, Tanks become unkillable aside from champions like Vayne and Kog. When you pick something like Fiora, Trundle, Irelia, Riven, etc. You trade up a good bit of teamfighting in terms of winning lane. But when the person you are playing against can still have more of an impact in teamfights. Which are happening MUCH sooner now btw. What do these players do? At least when we had the Klepto top laners aside from Nasus. They made the lane interactive and wasn't just based on. I picked X champion and didn't do anything in lane until my jungler came and just CC chained you to death. Or I picked X champion didn't do anything at all and suddenly perma CC'd the only threat to me because I don't care for your Mid Top or Jungler.
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