Why I think they wont revert Akali

I think that riot won’t revert akali because of two things 1. They’ve been trying way to hard to nerf her and after so many people’s requests to revert her they still haven’t 2. I don’t think they can ok this is in my opinion and you can tell me I’m wrong. I looked at the model for the old akali I wasn’t feeling it to much. But I think maybe the model was just to outdated and honestly didn’t go with the feel of akali character so that’s why they drastically change her look. Also I know the second point is more my opinion but I truely think that the old akali didn’t fit her character now I will be honest I never played the old akali and I have no idea what her old kit was so you can kill me for not having any idea if what the old gameplay was like. But if it is really I revert I hope they just revert the kit i’ll get used to playing her that way although I do want her kunai to be there and not her two Kama’s but that might be asking a lot.
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