Can We Talk About Fizz?

Title. I see these posts about Akali, a champion that, while I agree is annoying and arguably over powered, has a low winrate and is NOT really a menace to the majority of players. However, Fizz seems to have gone underneath EVERYONE'S radar, despite his stupid stats and equally, if not more so, annoying kit. 1st his passive is now incredibly stupid imo. Why does an assassin take reduced damage from anything? He should not have any way to reduce damage. His passive also scales with AP, for some reason. Yes, it's a 1% ratio, but it doesn't seem uncommon to get up to 700+ AP if a game goes on long enough, so Fizz can easily be reducing 70+ damage from all sources. Autos? 70 less damage. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it definitely adds up. And the main issue I have with this champ is Playful Trickster. Why is this in the game? It would be bad enough if it were a dash, but no, IT ALSO MAKES HIM UNTARGETABLE. It's not rare to hit 40% CDR on Fizz (Protobelt+Hourglass+Lich Bane+Anything else that gives 10% CDR). This means that Fizz can have up to .75 seconds on untargetability every 6 seconds. This is just idiotic. You can complain about Akali shroud, but Akali is now visible/targetable in shroud if she attacks and can be hurt, along with having a 18ish or more second cooldown since she doesn't build CDR apart from possibly a Hourglass. This allows him to: Dodge skllshots Dodge ults Avoid any damage that would kill him Prevent any engage Prevent any trading In my post on Akali from yesterday, I said Akali was oppressive because shroud meant she could trade while you could is this different than Fizz? You literally cannot trade with him in Playful Trickster. You can't trade with him until he gets out...but that means he's guaranted to get Electrocute off with almost no way to retaliate. it's like a 6 second CD Windwall (of course, shorter by about 50%) except worse because he dodges everything. How is this fair? On top of this, Fizz is AP, so he scales incredibly well and has access to Hourglass and Armguard, so he doesn't struggle against really any matchjups that badly in midlane. Fizz has had a a win rate above 51.5% win rate since 9.14. He has been S+ (S on some lists) for SO LONG. This champion is not fun to play against. Please nerf him.
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