How do you escape the hell of Platinum Elo

I was d3 on west last season , have played league since s2, soo after s6 started i decide to transfer my account to EUNE , and i havent played since begining of s6 , so i was back a couple month's ago , played my first 10 matche's and got into silver 1 , after couple of weeks i got into plat V , and i have been stuck in there from that point (2 and a half month) It seems that i just cant win a single game , if i get fed i lose , if i feed i lose, my teammates just flame at each other , pretending to be master's, Its just starting to be very boring , i win a few ,lose a few , get in promote , lose 7 in row ..... Thanks for any advice. I main {{champion:119}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:91}}

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