Tip? Just dont play x champ because they are bad

This is what I am told by every laner I face that beats me, and that I ask for advice. "Don't play Wukong, he is bad." When I complain at how badly Wukong can be bullied in lane... "What did you think would happen playing Wukong into [insert 90% of champs played top]" I have maintained a high win rate this season so far playing Wukong, but I am getting burnt out. Lane is simply unfair with this champion. Having no sustain, no passive, and no damage early game is just sad. It only takes a half-baked decent player to wreck Wukong. I'm not saying buff Wukong, I am saying that it is sad that the communities answer for me is 'stop playing the champion you have always loved playing'. The worst part is that they are probably right. I'd climb so much more, and would get shit on so much less in lane if I cared to play meta, early game champs, or lane bullies.
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