Everyone at the top of challenger is playing damage, damage, damage, damage, damage.

You look at their top picked champions and it's one damage champion after another. Literally not a single person up there who isn't playing almost exclusively pure carry champions. Forget about seeing a Malphite player up there, or any kind of champion that is strategic such as singed or even a single tank. Nothing supportive whatsoever, or any utility champion. Forget about helping your team or picking toward a successful teamfight. Enemy is pure AD so pick Rammus right? Not a single rammus up there. Enemy is pure AP so pick Dr. Mundo right? Or galio? None of either of them up there. No, it's just damage damage damage, one after another. Mostly assassin / fighter hybrid champions. Possibly a support champ once in a while for when they get auto filled. It stinks because I thought ranking up would be a walk in the park if I just picked the champion that counters the entire enemy team. But that's just not true. If it isn't just straight up damage, it's throwing the freggin' game.
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