Not A Jungle Main, But Curious About What You'd Guys Think About This?

Instead of nerfing XP on Jungle Camps to decrease their impact on lanes, **what about increasing the health of camps or overall increasing the camp's resistances so junglers end up lower health?** Jungle camp damage can be adjusted accordingly. This impacts their ganking presence in two ways - it makes it riskier to gank a lane at low health, which is compensated by the fact that you can set a laner so far behind in 1 gank, and you force junglers to stay longer in the jungle. Damage heavy junglers are also squishier, so they won't be able to impact lanes with their high base damage + rune damage if camps make them low enough. There was the old concern that junglers hit 3 before their laners in the past seasons, this would slow down their tempo, but also allow for non-spam ganking junglers to not be punished by their laners getting murked by the Lee Sin or Sejuani. This allows for more off-meta picks as well. Again, I'm not a jungle main, just a laner who doesn't want to see junglers get screwed over by changes, but also doesn't want to lose lane because of jungle presence so early on. I'm interested in hearing ur opinions, including the "eat dog poop" or "that's stupid" with no context or attempt to suggest an alternative.
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