How has Graves/Jhin avoided nerfs for the past few patches?

What are you guys doing over there in the balance team? Seriously, I know budget cuts are deep but damn, you guys can't afford a PC monitor and an internet connection to see how they have been dominating Solo Q for like the past 4 or 5 patches? You literally created a crit item that may as well said "Here Jhin, take this, your name is engraved on the bottom of the item" and you don't fucking even try to balance him around that item. Let alone the rune that lets him run at mach 1 Better nerf Sejuani though, because she was such a menace in pro play right? Fuck me and logic, SHE WASN'T EVEN AN ISSUE IN PRO PLAY. Nah, actually better yet, nerf Fizz one patch after you give him buffs because people have no idea how to play safe in lane against an assassin. You know what, nah, let's top that, let's reduce Garens damage by 5-10 damage in laning phase, because that's what was really causing the issues people were having with him. Not the insane tankyness or sustain or the silence on a short CD that makes it hard to survive lane against him. But you know what, props to the balance team anyway, you made a meta shifting decision when you gave Viktor 100 range on his gravity field and 100g off his first hexcore buy (which does nothing if you do the calculations because at that point you're backing with the gold you need for the hexcore, all they're giving you is a control ward). 10/10
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