Can Volibear have base stats and scaling that make sense for a Juggernaut?

Volibear's base stats and survivability are painfully below par for a modern Juggernaut. Comparing him to what I think is the most reliable baseline for Juggernauts, Darius; Volibear has about 240 less HP at level 18. He has 25 less AD at level 18 (Volibear has one of the lowest ADs/18 out of his entire group). He has 12.5 less armor at level 18. 50 less auto attack range, and less HP regen at all stages of the game. Volibear DOES have more movement speed, mana regen, and attack speed. However, Volibear has a survival tool that is not in his own control, where Darius has one that becomes very spammable by mid game. At the point where Volibear's passive activates to heal him, Darius's Q will heal him potentially for more -- instantly, on a 3 second cooldown compared to Volibear's **2 minute cooldown**, and while doing much more damage. Volibear has slightly more CC, but given the release of Aatrox and Urgot, he's no longer anywhere near best of class for that, either. In addition, Volibear has been continually robbed of durability due to indirect nerfs. Over the years, we've lost about 800 HP from tank items, which IIRC includes what we briefly had in S7 with Strength of Ages. This has a bigger effect on Volibear than it does tanks; given that he has no innate defenses like a shield with which to compound the stats he buys, said stats are all Voli has to survive with. Given that his main (arguably his only significant) damage tool scales with HP, Volibear loses out multiple times harder than most tanks would. Worse yet, Volibear's scalings seem more appropriate for a tank than a Juggernaut in 2018. Despite being primarily auto attack focused, he has no scaling on Q, a health scaling on W, and 2 AP ratios on E and R. Given the nature of his highly snowbally kit, the fact that he has nothing to scale off of means he has to have an absurdly strong early power spike. This lends to him feeling more like a tank-assassin when he gets a lead, rather than a raid boss like he ought to be. He has less scaling than an **AP Juggernaut** in Mordekaiser and terrible synergy with most fighter items; he does not get much offensive value out of anything other than Titanic (the only on-hit item that also grants health), so frequently he ends up having to opt into full tank builds even when they feel less than desirable. My suggestions, as a Volibear player and enthusiast; - Please take power out of his W, either by base or HP scaling, and shuffle it around the rest of his kit via AD ratios, particularly on Q, W or R. It is, IMO, the biggest balance "issue" with Volibear despite him not really being an issue to balance. This could also alleviate the frustration of him getting ahead, since his damage would then be distributed into autos/R-enhanced autos more than him getting a squishy to half HP and then nuking them with W. - Buff base stats to give back even a little bit of what he has lost, or to give back a little of what he ought to have. Primarily HP, base AD would be appreciated. - Passive scale with CDR or at least scale down by level, if it's going to be his only survival tool and also get demolished by a measly 800 gold it should at least be up more often. Thank you.
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