Is this game even fun?

Honestly season 8 was depressing I really dont think anyone enjoyed it I feel that the game is honestly just going downhill. I feel really bad for a lot of players e.g marksman not even being able to play the game at one point. Aatrox mains when there champ was actually at a good state (before the rework) now hes only good in competitive play. I think this bounty system is terrible, I feel that its punishing me for having a lead, I feel crit is terrible atm, players are forced to play their mains in a certain way e.g I think its reasonable to say that GP players are forced to play bruiser with steracks and not go full crit and one shot like he used to. It was fun and I just enjoyed playing it but there may be some bias which I accept but full lethality runes were so fun. But overall I think as a whole the enjoyment of this game is in decline and is heading in the wrong path. I dont know what to say really its just really really sad at whats going on with everything. I dont feel Riot are listening to there community, I think they have ruined some reworks and the addition of new champs at this stage of where this game is at is only making problems worse.
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