Revert ASol, rework is complete failure

I dont feel fun on playing him anymore, he is weird, slow and clunky. His new reworked abilities dont fit him in anyway, I miss old elegant and unique playstyle. I am afraid that i quit league once for all, Aurelion was last interesting champ here, Azir nerfed to the point that picking him with higher ping that 30 doesnt make any sense. I dont even care about Aurelion HP buff, you can even double or tripple his base HP, he is going to be boring anyway and not everything is rounding about winrate. Where is FUN factor, did riot really forgot about it and why nobody is listening to his mains, so you tell me that ive mastered champion for nothing? Its just like spitting in the face, you really disappointed us with your attitude. Two most unique champs just got deleted from the game. Its a shame, im sad and frustrated.
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