Do People Even Care Anymore?

There are players openly admitting to buying accounts, to getting themselves boosted, to people constantly flaming each other, to people who purposely feed and throw games because they felt like someone didn't deserve a win. I do my best to report these type of players--and I hope my teammates do as well--but the enemy team just leaves basking in their victory and I can't help but feel helpless... I'm pretty sure this post is going to get flamed too because I'm being "overly sensitive over an online game", but still...I just want to feel like the reports matter. I guess there's really no point to this post beyond a random player complaining, but I'm currently Silver and dealing with a constant loss/win back-and-forth due to these types of behaviors. Of course, it's not to say that I'm "perfect and make no mistakes;" I fully understand that I'm not a good player and need to make a lot of improvements. Personally, I started to understand that my play-style was what's been holding me back, so I've been focusing on that. But still, there are so many toxic people in this community who find it super funny to lose games for other people, or just love and enjoy causing chaos by flaming someone for absolutely no reason. Yet, they never seem to get penalized. Out of the ten+ reports I do a day (Silver is hell, I promise; I'm not just reporting for the sake of reporting), I barely get a response for one. Not to mention that being on any type of winning streak just makes me super anxious because I know an onslaught of losses are heading my way. I thought getting into Gold or Platinum may make things better, but apparently there are trolls, feeders, and flamers all the way into Diamond (some even vouched that they are abundant in Diamond as well). For someone who's attempting to get better at the game, or even trying to just enjoy themselves, this is all demotivating... I guess that's all.
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