@Meddler, Could we clear up Riot's feelings about Vladimir? A while ago Morello said he hated Vlad.

Vladimir was the third character I ever picked up in league, while I thought his default's hair looked silly all of his skins were impressive. Now that I heard he has been reworked I have mixed feelings. On one hand I would absolutely LOVE to see his gameplay get updated and be a bit more indepth and fun but I would hate for him to lose his identity. To me Vlad is a blood mage, he uses the blood he gets to sustain himself through magical means while weaponizing the excess blood against his enemies. Ive looked through most (maybe all?) of the red posts so far and I have seen NOTHING about Vlad, Brand has been acknowledged in one thread, Zyra has been mentioned once or twice, Malzahar is mentioned on practically every post, there is even multiple threads about 'please don't rework vel'koz' and there was even a HUGE discussion thread about Cassiopeia. Reason why I am worried about Vladimir the most is that Morello stated he hated Vladimir, his sustain and regretted him as a champion. I understand Riot isn't the same company as they were back then but I would really hate for Vladimir to be gutted because his identity isn't the best for gameplay. I also suggested [this](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/jQmE1EjE-mid-year-mage-update?comment=045a) in the main thread. I don't expect a response on that one but its more indepth than this post. So please could we get some form of response about Riot's previous feelings on Vladimir versus their feelings now? (Also I tried to find a link to Morello's post but I couldn't find it anyway)
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