im winning 12 lp a game and losing 21...

So i climbed from the depths of hardstuck silver 4-3 to gold 4, my gains were ok all the time until i got tilted just after reaching gold(first game in gold was afk top) i had an horrible lose streak in one day, playing over and over until my mmr was trash, i stayed gold with trash mmr the next day even if i won more than i lost and the day after i demoted just to go in promos again without lose and then losin one winning one got gold 4 again and then i lost 2 won 2 +12 +12 and then i lost one and got -21... so im back at 3 lp, like... how the fuck is this fair? i went from +17+19 to +12 -21 from a single day of tilt and now it will be hell to get to plat which is my season goal...

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