Lets outline the most important issues for the game right now

Lets show collectively all in one thread the BIGGEST issues for the game all around that need changed. I'm not talking "Oh gromp needs his armor lowered by 2" or graphical updates, I'm talking gameplay issues. Lets start by the obvious **_Damage Creep_** Damage is higher than any other meta right now. Keystones, masteries, and items and base kits make it so obliterating someone is easier than ever, and champions who buy just a single offense item {{item:3071}} can obliterate anyone in 1v1's. Damage creep is so high that ADC's are the best damage dealers because of the safer range they have. Damage needs lowered ACROSS THE BOARD. I really don't see being obliterated from QWE in .5 seconds an appropriate way for the game to be played. **_Counterplay matters_** Lately champions have been coming out with little counterplay in mind. All of them theoretically have counterplay of "Don't be in range" or "Dodge the skillshot", but that applies to every champion in the game. More counterplay needs to be added against specific champions. This does not mean you add it to every champion to counterplay every other champion (looking at you{{item:3116}} ) **_Kiting_** Half the champions in the game aren't viable because it's too easy to kite them. Mobility is at an all time high, and items like {{item:3116}} {{item:3044}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3025}} effectively mean you will not get away from them and you will never get to them. Champions that once saw play like {{champion:86}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:58}} but now every champion has two dashes, a stun, and two slows, on top of the items meaning they will never get anywhere and are forced to be played like a pest and split push. **_Tank stats don't matter unless you are ahead_** Building dedicated tank on anyone but a select few champions is a death sentence. Armor shred and armor pen is so easy to acquire that unless you build bruiser and have damage to fight with you aren't soaking ANYTHING. You are either a Utility tank like {{champion:111}} {{champion:54}} or not at all. **_Range vs Melee matchups are way too one sided to be considered fair_** Just by being a ranged champion can put so much pressure that that fact alone will drive them out of cs almost permanently. It is not surprising to see a ranged vs melee matchup to have a double farm advantage. Ranged champions being able to keep you from csing UNDER TOWER is even worse. Courtesy of Fondling Gems- League is a major combination of 3 important points. 1) Skill. Being able to outplay opponents is an important component of any game. 2) Game knowledge. An important element of League is being able to predict what is going on, knowing what fights you can take, and being able to exercise excellent decision making to build an advantage. 3) Teamwork. Teamwork and communication is a very important element of any team game. Now lets analyze why Instant damage is both good, and bad, for these points. Skill Pros: Means that regardless of your health if you are capable of avoiding and dealing damage for a short amount of time you can take most fights. Highlights reflexes. Cons: Means that a small mistake is the end of you, there is no room for error. It also heavily punishes people who are more focuses on the other areas and less skill based. It means the meta is whomever is the best at dealing large amounts of damage in a short time while avoiding enemy damage. Results: High amounts of damage in the game has roughly equal punishment and reward for high skill players, but harshly hurts people who play from say, a game knowledge standpoint. It also hurts the viability of other champions. Game Knowledge Pros: High damage rewards players who are good at catching enemies out. It helps assassins do well in killing a target then escaping. Cons: When power creep reaches high enough levels it doesn't make much difference what role you are trying to fill. It becomes a game of either being the killer, or being able to lock down the killer so your killers can kill them. It changes fights from being strategic fights into skill based ones. What does it matter if I could play Nautilus and know I can chain my cc long enough then Q to a wall to make you chase me into my team when it takes me 1/2 a second to decide on my course of action and I am dead in 3/4 of a second? The faster a fight is the less room there is for decision making. It becomes a kill or be killed game. The mindset is how best to abuse your kit to do damage and avoid damage instead of how best to utilize your kit to do what your kit is designed to do. For example J4's kit is built around tanking and disrupting. However due to damage creep his kit is played around gapclosing to one shot people. It stops using game knowledge on how to trick enemies and utilize different tricks and only focuses on how best to kill people, nothing else. It pushes people out of using the tricks in their kits and into following the exact same kill pattern over and over. Example: During the tank meta I played a lot of Naut. Even when my goal was to keep fighting I would sometimes Q to a wall just to buy times for my cds. Now 90% of fights I just blindly use my abilities on my target whenever they are up because the name of the game is League of Legends killing. Why would I ever Q the Kha'zix jumping on my adc when my adc is going to be dead before my Q hits Kha? Better to Q the Syndra instead so it is a 1 for 1 trade. Results (Slightly biased because I am a very game knowledge heavy player, not a skill based one): Speaking from my own perspective while there are still as many decision to make outside of combat, they aren't added to by damage creep. In combat however the options available to me are a fraction of what they used to be. I USED to be able to peel a Zed if I played well. Now? Zed can use his W as a gapcloser and still kill my adc before I can do shit. My best hope at that point is Qing his shadow in the hopes of catching him when he jumps back and cc killing him in return for my carry. Suddenly I no longer have the option of peeling for my backline as an engage tank. I am either our engage and that is it, or I am little more than a cc bot trying to stand next to both my carries at once. That is 50% of my combat decision making now. Teamwork Pros: I am blanking on this. I tried man, I tried. Cons: How is my team supposed to react and help if I die in 2 seconds? Collapse and fight a 4v5? What is teamwork when the game is which team can sacrifice fewer damage dealers to kill more? Results: More damage means less chance to help out allies. In fact trying to help them often means just taking a buttload of aoe damage and promptly dying a few seconds later Anything i missed? Add more below.
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